Stop motion video for “Riparo” (Shelter) – A green installation by Vênus et Milö

*Stop motion credits*
Editing: Gianni Masci, Vênus et Milö. Photography + Video: Matilde Soligno.
Music by: Yacht “We Have All We Ever Wanted”, The Field “Is This Power”.

The installation “Riparo” (Shelter) by Vênus et Milö is part of the exhibition “A House Is Not A Home” – Design – Gardening – Ecology – Sustainability, at Spazio Gerra in Reggio Emilia (Italy) through March 18, 2012.

VÊNUS ET MILÖ, “Riparo” (Shelter)
Green installation (ivy leaves covering on plastic net and metal wire; moss bed, pine trees, strawberry plant), video, soundscape (2012).
Vênus et Milö’s installation is composed of several different elements that altogether hint to the idea of a refuge – a physical and mental space that meets the animal instinct of taking shelter, modeling nature to make it a more comfortable place. It is a natural covering, simple and welcoming, that constitutes, together with its inhabitants, an ecosystem. The microworld it gathers together is a fragile home, the result of an attempt, almost an act of magic, to feel safe from the unknown.
Video: Fedra Boscaro, Vênus et Milö. Sound design: Gianni Masci.

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